Our Partners

Hymatic works in cooperation with companies importing and manufacturing forklifts as well as with end customers. If you wish, the system can also be acquired through an importer, in which case, the installation is carried out by the importer, and the fully equipped forklift will be delivered to the customer ready for use.

We work in cooperation with the following companies, among others:

Toyota (Toyota forklifts)

Berner (Mitsubishi forklifts)

Wihuri (Linde forklifts)

Jungheinrich (Jungheinrich forklifts)

Rocla (Caterpillar)

Sigma trukit (Yale forklifts)

Kymen trukkipalvelu (Mitsubishi forklifts)

Our most long-standing customers:

Upm Jämsänkoski ja Kaipola

Herman Andersson

Stora Enso Imatra

Hangon satama