Hymatic Oy has more than ten years of expertise on how to make the handling of materials with forklifts more effective, for example, from paper rolls to bundles of saw and plate materials. The product solutions have been designed for the industry to meet the needs of clients in the handling of products.

**Hymatic Oy products include:**
[Autolift](/en/tuotteet/autolift/) (directs the lifting forks of the forklift to the specified shelf level)
[Autotilt](/en/tuotteet/autotilt/) (automatically centers the mast of the forklift to a preset position)
[Hymapro](/en/tuotteet/hymapro/) (a versatile measuring system with a guiding display)
[Hymaguard](/en/tuotteet/hymaguard/) (a radio detection system that improves safety at work)
[LSL-5N](/en/tuotteet/lsl-5n/) (an electronic lift speed limiter for personnel hoists)
[LL-12T](/en/tuotteet/ll-12t/) (a line laser for the positioning of forklifts)
[VM-1](/en/tuotteet/vm-1/) (shows the mast tilt angle on a clear display)

The control devices are connected to the controlling system to function either hydraulically or electrically. For example, the automatic mast centering system functions hydraulically, and respectively, the automatic shelf level positioning system functions electrically.

In the designing of devices, easy readability and detection in varying, and even demanding, conditions have been taken into consideration. The products can be installed on various types of forklifts, such as warehouse forklifts, counterweight and multiway forklifts.