The Autolift system automatically controls and halts the lifting forks of the forklift to the level chosen by the driver, allowing for the lifting forks to be driven under a pallet. When lifting the pallet, the system again automatically stops lifting while the load rests on the forks. This way, the pallet can be safely driven out of the shelf without colliding with structures. The operating logic functions the other way round when items are stored on the shelves.

The device makes the process of handling items more effective and provides the driver with confidence and increases safety at work. Three different shelf models can be programmed onto the Autolift device, and 10 different shelf levels, and the maximum lifting height in low-rise warehouses, can be taught to it. When the forks are lowered, the system automatically slows down and halts the load when the load rests on the floor. This prevents wear and tear of forks, and ensures that the load can be lowered safely. The function also helps the driver retrieve an item at the floor level. Additionally, it can be detected on the device when the mast of the forklift is in a horizontal position. The operating logic of the system is easy and quick to assume.

The Logistics Unit of the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences carried out an operating test for the Autolift system in the spring of 2010. The results of the test showed that the system speeds up the handling of items at all shelf levels by more than 10%, and at the highest shelf levels, by more than 15%.

**Video of the New Autolift System**

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