Autotilt Mast Straightening System VM-3J

The automatic mast straightening system automatically centers the mast of the forklift to a preset position. Owing to this, loading and unloading becomes easier. All the driver needs to do is to press on the switch which activates the centering of the mast, and directs the mast into a preset position. Then, the driver can focus more easily on other functions.

The mast centering systems have been designed for industrial use, and they meet the requirements for even hard conditions. The device can be installed on all forklift models regardless of the operating or control system. Additionally, the function of the device is easy to combine with our other products as well, such as the line laser, or the newest Autolift system. The installation is performed by the Hymatic installer which guarantees the functionality of the systems right from the very first moment of use.

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